About us

Mission Statement

To help our customers realize their goals through our products and services by offering quality, comprehensive and affordable tracking and also to provide excellence, security and perfection to the end user.


To be the market target setter in tracking and motor recovery industry, offering a complete sense of security to our clients.

Delivery Time

Installations are strictly done within the stipulated time.


Our prices are competitive in the market, and rarely do we impose a price to a client
Trackers of Africa appreciates a situation where by, clients feel comfortable for the price they pay, for both services and products.

Company Background.

Trackers of Africa is a locally registered firm offering tracking, through Web Based monitor Center and Cell Phone in order to create a safe and robust environment to address the ever changing face of Vehicle security today.
We sell and install tracker devices to all motor vehicles.
The changes realized mainly create and enhance security, dynamism in the creation of products and services and business concepts, and around the clock, single or fleet tracking management. In our management, capitalization, operations, technology and consultations with all stake holders we are advantaged against our competitors. We have sought partnerships with the government, non-government organizations, institutions and the private sector.

Sales Strategy

By offering professional tailor made and quality products we ensure our clients keep coming back to us and also tell others about us.
Trackers of Africa gives out quantity discount to fleet owners or intermediaries with big business volume.

Based  on our solution,you benefit as below:

  1. Tighten security and asset control;reduce theft and unauthorised use with alerts and notifications.
  2. Manage vehicles at remote locations,or quickly locate a vehicle within a zone using real-time scheduling.
  3. Improve service and maiantenance control measures to minimize vehicle down-time and lost hours due to unavailability of required vehicle.
  4. Boost productivity and workforce utilization, to help drive your business forward efficiently.
  5. Increase customer satisfaction through improved communication and proactive management.

    To achieve this Our trackers have the following Alarms

  6. Power Alarm - know when vehicle battery is removed or vehicle is not charging.It sends an alarm indicating where and when the battery was removed
  7. Acc Alarm - know when and where the vehicle has been started.
  8. Speed Alarm - If set speed is surpaassed it sends an alarm indicating the current speed the vehicle is moving at aginist the set speed.
  9. Movement Alarm - If the vehicle is removed from the authorized location it sends an alarm in 3 minutes interval indicating the movements and location.

Company Details.

Trackers of Africa is registered and operating in Kenya at the address given below;
Balozi 110 House,
Murang'a Road
P.O. Box 16-00610 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +0723110087 / 0723992207 / 0700322700
Pin Number – A003585603T

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