Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  Q.   Can I switch off the vehicle in case of theft?  
  A.   Yes.You can immediately stop the vehicle in case of theft. You can use the online platform or an SMS to stop the engine.
  Q.   What should I do in case of theft?
  A.   Immediately report to Trackers of Africa 24 hour support team who will guide you on the next step. Also follow the simple procedure to switch off the vehicle.
  Q.   Does your system use mobile or satellite technology?
  A.   Trackers of Africa system uses Mobile and Satellite technology, GSM and Global Position System communication.
  Q.   Can I be able to monitor fuel on my vehicle?
  A.   Yes. Trackers of Africa system can help you know when the fuel is siphoned, enables you to match fueled liters to receipts and know your vehicle consumption
  Q.   Is my device transferrable in case the vehicle is sold or in the event of an accident?
  A.   Yes. TheTrackers of Africa GPS/GSM device is carefully removed and re-installed in a different vehicle.
  Q.   In the event of an accident, is there a replay report that would assist in knowing what happened?
  A.   Yes, the historical playback which is generated by the Trackers of Africa online tracking system will show the movement of the vehicle until the time the accident occurred. Trackers of Africa system gives second by second replay, and also captures events such as harsh braking.
  Q.   What do I have to do to fit a tracking device with Trackers of Africa?
  A.   Simply contact us through a call or visit any of our branches countrywide.
  Q.   Which vehicles can be fitted with the device?
  A.   The Track and Trace GPS device works with all vehicles, personals, trucks, earthmovers, tankers, buses, prime movers, trailers, containers and plants and equipment.
  Q.   How do I know if the tracking device has been installed?
  A.   After installation of the GPRS device, Trackers of Africa will immediately give you the access rights to the platform. You can access the platform; try the functionalities such as immobilizing the vehicle, generating the reports after the vehicle moves.
  Q.   Since the technician knows where the device has been installed, how sure I’m I that they will not collude for a malicious act?
  A.   Trackers of Africa is very careful in job segregation and vetting of employees. Different roles are assigned to different individuals. A technician will only install the tracking device and a different tracking team will handle the roles of system.
  Q.   If I lose my phone, can I be able to track my vehicle with another phone?
  A.   Yes. You can use any phone as long as you use credentials to prove ownership of the vehicles.
  Q.   Can I track my vehicle outside our country?
  A.   Yes. With Trackers of Africa, you can track the vehicle anywhere in Kenya and even beyond the borders.
  Q.   How long does it take to install a tracking device?
  A.   The installation process takes less than an hour, without any inconveniences to you.
  Q.   How long is my contract with Trackers of Africa?
  A.   Your contract with Trackers of Africa is only terminated when you requests. The contract is on a renewal basis with a fee charged annually.
  Q.   How long does Trackers of Africa system lasts?
  A.   Trackers of Africa system are well developed and maintained to last until when you terminate the contract.
  Q.   Can I access and see my reports even after months?
  A.   Trackers of Africa stores the data without deleting even the old one. The data is always accessible online and a client can see the reports as long as they are connected to the internet. These reports can be exported to excel.
  Q.   Which browsers work well with Trackers of Africa system?
  A.   Trackers of Africa system works well with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Latest editions preferred.


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